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n. Slang
	1. A system, especially a computer system, 
	   that is constituted of poorly matched  
	   elements or of elements originally 
	   intended for other applications.
	2. A clumsy or inelegant solution to a problem.
[Probably alteration of mid-20th century American 
 military slang kluge, 
 complex device with a simple function, 
 perhaps of imitative origin or perhaps 
 after the Kluge (paper feeder), 
 a piece of printing equipment first manufactured
 in 1919 by Brandtjen & Kluge, Inc., 
 and reputedly difficult to repair.]

Source Definition 
:: https://tfd.com/kludge [The Free Dictionary]	::

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TFD ~~~ " all good ta. what solutions you got? "

K.S. ~~~ " perhaps much of many maybe,
	   still rearranging around the
	   'elements originally intended for 
	    other applications'
	   part " 

TFD ~~~ " ah still no problem K.S. "

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